Ways you can minimize Electronic waste in your home  

In a permaculture environment, you are aware of how everything affects the world you live in. With this in mind, you also can’t disconnect from the world altogether. Maybe your job requires you to have certain electronics in your home that you have to use, and upgrade from time to time.

However, if you want to live a healthier life that will protect your planet than you might consider taking certain steps that will ensure that you don’t produce so much waste, and what exactly can you do to increase your permaculture way of life.

We will now focus on tips how you can minimize electronic waste from your house. If you need more tips and ways how you can be a bigger contributor to a permaculture way of life you might want to check out a Regenerative Leadership Institute for any further knowledge on this issue.

Reduce waste

The first thing that you can do to minimize waste is to prevent it from generating. If you are considering buying a new electronic gadget like a tv or computer or phone, consider a question first. Do you really need that new thing?

Many people today buy stuff just because somebody told them that the new thing is a must have. The truth is that nobody needs the newest thing on the market. If you broke your phone then, of course, you would get a new one, but if your phone is doing fine as is then why are you considering tossing it in the garbage and getting a new one. First your wallet will have more money in it, and second, the planet will have less of your garbage in it. Like we said the first thing to reduce waste is to not produce it in the first place.

Extend the life of your current electronics

e wasteAfter you have decided that you don’t want to get new stuff just for the sake of getting new things, you might consider extending the life of the electronic that are currently in your possession. Most of the electronics that we have had the same issues that work against their life.

The first thing that ruins them is water and the second thing is dust. If you want your electronics to have a prolonged life, you must take care of them. Dedicate every week a cleaning and dusting off the area where your computer is and where your testers and other electronic things are. If you can wipe the dust in them and vacuum regularly, you can extend their life of at least by half.

Recycle them

The last thing in the line of defense when it comes to e-waste is to recycle the electronic equipment. The more you buy products, the more you should check them if they are recyclable. If they can’t be recycled, don’t but them! However, if they can then recycle everything to its designated areas.

Recycling is the last line of defense that the world has been using for some time, and it’s doing wonders. Contribute and help the world by becoming aware of your waste and how you can dispose of it safely.

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