Ways you can bring the permaculture in your working environment

While everyone is trying to spice up their life and workplace with new technological innovations, some people are wondering how they can get a permaculture environment in their workplace or at home. If you are not fascinated with technology, and you would like to greenify your surroundings than the best move you can make is to create a permaculture zone.

The beautiful thing about this is that you won’t feel like you are at work, you will be more relaxed, and the environment you hold dear to you will be cleaner and safer for your health. Check out the Regenerative Leadership Institute for any further tips on how you can have a permaculture life.

 Start a recycle zone

The first thing you want to do when creating a permaculture environment in your workplace is to designate a recycle area. At many workplaces, you will have just one garbage can that will be thrown out when the day is done. However, this is detrimental to the environment and the more people start recycling, the faster we can move towards a better world.

Recycling is not hard, and most individuals don’t mind doing it, the only thing that is needed for recycling to begin at the workplace is for somebody to start it. If you feel like you can be the one that can gently enroll it in your workplace without anyone throwing a fit then go for it!

Use of appliances and resources

While this one is not particularly tied down to any specific action, there are many things that you can do to ensure a permaculture environment in the workplace. Some of those include saving water, electricity and other resources. If you see heaters or lights that are not needed, turn them off.

If you have any action that requires water use such as cleaning a certain thing, don’t let the tap run for minutes, fill in a bucket of water and wash it in the bucket. There are many other ways you can preserve resources, so be innovative!

Build a functioning kitchen


If you are wondering how permaculture can be implemented in the workplace, the kitchen is a perfect example of where and how. While you are home living in permaculture zone, your workplace might not be equipped with the required things to achieve a permaculture environment. So, ask your boss or organize the workers and build a functioning kitchen. In here everyone can bring their own food from home and heat it up in the microwave, or store it in the fridge. Additionally, there won’t be so much food waste when you have a working kitchen as you can save it for later use as opposed to throwing it away if you can’t finish something.

Use nonpolluting transport

If you can’t change your workplace that much, you can modify the way you go to work. Don’t drive around in a car especially if you are going alone. Either take the public transport to lower your carbon print, or just take the bike! Bikes are super good when it comes to saving money and getting somewhere fast. Today when there are huge holdups in the traffic a bike can get you faster from point A to point B than a car would.

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