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How to Attract Bats to protect your permaculture Garden during the night

When you want to have a permaculture garden and nurture it to its fullest, you need to take care of certain things. Some of those things are the insects that ensure your plants and that create a living hell for you. Since you don’t want to use chemicals on your plants as you are focused on natural crops, you will need natural predators that eat those insects.

Birds are just fine during the day so if you want them visiting often create your planting zone in an area where they can find shade in the trees and where they can fly in and out without any trouble. In short, provide them lots of space. However, if you want to take care of insects during the night, you will need a nocturnal hunger.

There are no better hunters during the evening when it comes to bugs than bats. Bats are curious creatures that are being in danger due to lots of habitat destruction when we expand. They usually hang around trees and barns but since we have moved from those types of homes where they can find shelter and started building huge skyscrapers they can be seen all over the place. If you want to attract some bats into your area, then you need to prepare a few things first. For all additional information about a permaculture garden check out the Regenerative Leadership Institute.

A freshwater area

Bats are small and cute creatures, but they require water like every other animal. To be a good nesting zone for bats, you have to have a dedicated fresh water source. Build a small pond or just have a stream of water always running around your plants and the bats will find your area a bit more hospitable than the city.

Plant trees and herbs

batAfter you have done the first step and created an area where they can drink water, you will have to provide a housing area for them. The bats usually sleep in trees or under roofs so if you see them under a roof leave them be. But if there are no bats in the area that could be because they dont have anywhere to sleep. Plant trees for them so they can hang around. This will also be a good ground for lots of insects as they will start hunting them on the trees. Additional things you can do is to plant herbs that have a pleasant scent during the night. These little things will attract certain moths and bats love moths more than we love cake.

Dedicated homes

If you want to take care of your bats like royalty you can get them some beautiful birdhouses and hang them in your garden. The bird houses can be attached around your house to give them a warmer area, but if you don’t want them near your home, you can place them on the trees. The bats love housing in such areas as its safe from rain and other predators. Additionally, they can have their young in those houses which is something they tend to do when they find a good and hospitable area.


Ways you can bring the permaculture in your working environment

While everyone is trying to spice up their life and workplace with new technological innovations, some people are wondering how they can get a permaculture environment in their workplace or at home. If you are not fascinated with technology, and you would like to greenify your surroundings than the best move you can make is to create a permaculture zone.

The beautiful thing about this is that you won’t feel like you are at work, you will be more relaxed, and the environment you hold dear to you will be cleaner and safer for your health. Check out the Regenerative Leadership Institute for any further tips on how you can have a permaculture life.

 Start a recycle zone

The first thing you want to do when creating a permaculture environment in your workplace is to designate a recycle area. At many workplaces, you will have just one garbage can that will be thrown out when the day is done. However, this is detrimental to the environment and the more people start recycling, the faster we can move towards a better world.

Recycling is not hard, and most individuals don’t mind doing it, the only thing that is needed for recycling to begin at the workplace is for somebody to start it. If you feel like you can be the one that can gently enroll it in your workplace without anyone throwing a fit then go for it!

Use of appliances and resources

While this one is not particularly tied down to any specific action, there are many things that you can do to ensure a permaculture environment in the workplace. Some of those include saving water, electricity and other resources. If you see heaters or lights that are not needed, turn them off.

If you have any action that requires water use such as cleaning a certain thing, don’t let the tap run for minutes, fill in a bucket of water and wash it in the bucket. There are many other ways you can preserve resources, so be innovative!

Build a functioning kitchen


If you are wondering how permaculture can be implemented in the workplace, the kitchen is a perfect example of where and how. While you are home living in permaculture zone, your workplace might not be equipped with the required things to achieve a permaculture environment. So, ask your boss or organize the workers and build a functioning kitchen. In here everyone can bring their own food from home and heat it up in the microwave, or store it in the fridge. Additionally, there won’t be so much food waste when you have a working kitchen as you can save it for later use as opposed to throwing it away if you can’t finish something.

Use nonpolluting transport

If you can’t change your workplace that much, you can modify the way you go to work. Don’t drive around in a car especially if you are going alone. Either take the public transport to lower your carbon print, or just take the bike! Bikes are super good when it comes to saving money and getting somewhere fast. Today when there are huge holdups in the traffic a bike can get you faster from point A to point B than a car would.


How to build permaculture chicken dust bath

Chickens are amazing animals. They provide food with their meat and eggs, and they keep the garden clean and free of bugs and other pests. Chickens have a natural place in the garden, because that is their natural habitat, and it’s the best place for them to be free. The only problem that these little birds that don’t fly have is that they don’t take showers.

Well not in the traditional sense, they don’t get washed with the water like dogs do. You might see chickens having fun in the rain, while they run around and flap their wings, but chickens have another method of cleaning themselves up. The method they use is the Dust bath. That’s right, chickens take dust baths, and they do that for several things. First it lets them be clean of lice, second, it cools them down, third, it makes them look cute!

If you leave them with enough space and in a group, chickens will create a dust bath on their own. However, it’s better to create a dust bath for them as you can decide where you want them to take those showers and prevent them from creating baths near the crops where they will eventually ruin the crops.

So, let’s get some basic things out of the way so we can start creating a bath for the chickens.

You will need:

The site

Designate a location in your garden where you want them to have the baths. You will have to bring a shovel and dig two or three holes. Depending on how many chickens you have, you might need to go up to 5 holes. Choose a site that is far from your crops, their food, and the place where they sleep. If you have such a location, congratulations you found the perfect spot.


 The material

If you have a location, all you need is the material to make the bath. The usual bath should be compromised of several soil parts. Don’t just put the hardest dirt in the hole thinking they need it rough. The best you can give your chickens is a finely graded sand mixed with a bit of wet black earth. If you can mix those two things, they will do the rest. The only other thing you can do now is to secure the location, so it does not get destroyed by the weather. If you want to make it a bit more manageable, you can get an old plastic box and create a roof over the holes. With that, you can protect the holes from rain, snow, and extreme heat, so the soil does not harden from the dryness.

If you need more innovative suggestions how you can make a better garden for your crops or your chickens check out the Regenerative Leadership Institute site and find all kinds of designs and contraptions that can be used in your garden. The more you stop depending on the consumer world, the better you will be with your health in the long run.

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