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Leading reasons why you should not eat GMO food

As we all know lots of food products, have been changed. The change that they have made in various food products is called GMO food, and the problem with GMO foods is that you can’t know what is that they have altered.

If you are unsure of what exactly falls under the GMO, then check the label. In some cases, they are not required to label the product as GMO, but you will certainly see if vegetables look 10 times bigger than they are supposed to look.

Let’s break down some reasons why GMO’s are bad:

They don’t label GMO foods correctly

The GMO industry has lobbied so far that they are not required by law to label the food as a GMO product. In Europe, most of the countries do require these labels, but for most products from the USA market and in the USA market, there are no required labels. The bad thing about this is you won’t know what you are eating. If you don’t want to have a bad time and eat lab grown meat or modified vegetables, don’t eat GMOs.

There is no concrete research done on GMO’s

The more we keep hearing that GMOs are good, the more we pose one question. Where is the research? Everything in this world takes time to grow and to see the results and effects of any product. How come every pro-GMO person says that there are lots of good benefits, but we have not had mainstream GMO food in our diets and markets for at least 50-100 years. Most of the GMO foods don’t have enough research done on them to correctly tell us what their effects on our bodies are. So, if you don’t want to be a test subject for the future, drop the GMO.


GMO foods require more chemicals

The GMO foods are usually grown under certain conditions, and they need more chemicals used on them to have a good harvest. Most of the GMO products are made to be bigger in volume, but they don’t have enough nutrients to grow so big. So, they require more chemicals used on them so they can reach the necessary mineral and vitamin level.

GMO foods spread over the natural foods

If you have a GMO crop and a naturally grown one, the GMO will overcome and overtake the conventional plants within one year. They spread faster, and they suffocate the other crops so that they can survive. Most of the GMO crops are heavy on the water intake so they will also suck up all the water that the normal crops would take.

If you ever want to get rid of the GMO foods from your body, you have to start educating yourself on how to spot them.  Regenerative Leadership Institute is one of those places where you can get that education. So don’t hesitate and upgrade your life to a more natural one.

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